Financial Strength

Strengthen financially Pembridge Resources to ensure that the company can meet all its obligations until cash flows commence from investment in Minto

Operational Status

Bring Minto mine into operation, establish a strong management team to execute operation and growth plan and extend life of mine from 4 years (confirmed at time of acquisition) to at least 8 years and prepare new 43-101 technical report confirming this extension of life of mine

Capital Investment

Provide Minto with the capital required to implement cost saving operational improvements, expand exploration activities, increase production and mine life, and establish a strong working capital position – achieved with successful capital raise of CAD$31 million and listing on TSX Venture Exchange

Project Investment

Identify new projects that Pembridge can invest in, generating value by leveraging future cash flow from Minto investment as well as existing and new Pembridge investor base. Considering primarily copper resource opportunities in Africa, North America and other prospective regions as well as renewable energy investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Minto Strategic Options

Pembridge Resources plc is a public company, listed on the standard segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of £4.7 million/$6.3 million on 26 January 2022.

Following Minto’s successful raise of C$31 million and the subsequent listing on the TSX in Q4 2021, Pembridge is now focused on the next phase of its business development.

In addition to $4.1 million to be received as repayment for historic funding of the Minto mine, Pembridge will leverage off its resultant 11.2% interest in Minto (valued at $17 million/£12.4 million on 26 January 2022) and has the following options which can be pursued independently or in tandem:



Retain 11.2% stake and receive dividends from operations. Expected net cashflow from existing resources expected to range from $17-30 million* versus current Pembridge market cap of approximately $6.3 million



Expand the Pembridge portfolio by using the Minto asset as a basis to leverage for further investment in new projects – this is the chosen strategy by Pembridge Board of Directors and this presentation explores the options that can be considered



Dispose of Minto holdings. Whilst this is low risk and accretive relative to the current Pembridge share price (current value of holding equates to approximately $17.0 million), it will cap expected future returns and upside. 


Sectors for new projects

Those which are an integral part of de-carbonisation of energy market (e.g. copper, renewable energy)

Those in which Pembridge has existing knowledge and expertise

Opportunistic investment opportunities with high positive returns

This leads to consideration of investments in the following sectors: 

Mining & production of copper, gold, silver, lithium cobalt

Renewable energy such as a solar park

Mining mineral resources

Oil and gas upstream projects

Key investments criteria guidance

Preference for projects that are in production or close to production

Maximum £15 million in one project, through equity and/or debt

NPV8% of above $30m preferred

For copper projects

  • Minimum annual production of 10 million lbs
  • Minimum life of mine 7 years
  • Maximum AISC $2.65/lb

Projects in renewable energy sector as well as oil and gas will be evaluated if meeting key financial criteria set out above re NPV, IRR and investment amount

Preferred locations in order of preference North Americas, Europe, South Americas and Africa

Minimum 10% stake

IRR more than 12%

For gold projects

  • Minimum annual production of 10,000 oz
  • Minimum life of mine 7 years
  • Maximum AISC $800/oz

Projects will be considered as long as there are technical reports confirming resources and/or reserves

We may invest in listed companies, but as part of a capital raise rather than buying shares in the market